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Bed Of Thorns, Actors Nominated at The AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL DALLAS TEXAS – TAFF2019

Congratulations to Nsuh George and N Sylvia-bright Bi for your nomination for the movie BED OF THORNS in THE AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL DALLAS TEXAS- TAFF2019

BEST YOUNG TALENT – N Sylvia-bright Bi
BEST ACTOR – Nsuh George

It was so challenging shooting this movie due to the political atmosphere and the huge sacrifice taken by mr Nsuh George to be on set during the time his wife was heavily pregnant and could put to birth at anytime, but thank God all went well,

It was N Sylvia-bright Bi first time shooting a movie but she surprised us with her strength to continue shooting even when she got sick during production, countless efforts made by the entire team to ensure a person like me to produce this movie. We have had 7 awards with this movies in different categories, 14 nomination, and it has been selected into 7 different festivals in and out the continent, applause to Derek Mbain Ngang Romanus Eddy King S-Ray Exclusively Deco Shakespeare Chefor Lessly Nchine Hilary Nchine Lovette THE ENTIRE CAST AND CREW OF BED OF THORNS.
The list is long, thank you so much those who encourage me when i was broken. family, friends haters. A big congrats to all our Cameroon nominees Success is our wish for you. Never forgetting our based and home Flash Light PRODUCTIONS, CAMEROON FILM INDUSTRY

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